Roofing repairs at two Corry Area School District buildings are ongoing projects along with other improvements the district is making while students are off for summer break.

Len Clark, director of the district’s buildings and grounds, said one project — at Conelway Elementary School — should be completed before school resumes on Aug. 25.

The second project — at the middle-high school — may not be completed by the time school starts. If not, however, there will not be any safety issues for students or anyone in the building, Clark said.

The completion of the projects are dependent on the weather, Clark said. Even on a warm, sunny day, a previous rain could cause a delay.

“If there is any dampness on the roofs, then they can’t put down a white coating,” Clark said.

The projects, which total $949,276, are being paid for with part of a $2.9 million interest-free loan for which the district qualified through the Qualified School Construction Bond program. QSCB is a federal program where qualifiers receive a tax-credit in lieu of paying interest. QSCB monies are part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009, or stimulus funds.

The work includes repairing parts of the roofs and replacing some parts of the roofs at both buildings due to age-related problems.

Northwestern Roofing Co. Inc. of Meadville was awarded the contract. Workers started at the middle-high school in June about a week after school let out, and recently started work at Conelway Elementary School.

Repairs/replacements include sections over boilers where water has leaked in and ruined insulation.

“They are replacing a section above the boiler room at the middle-high school,” Clark said. “Any damaged or bad insulation will come out. They’ll replace it and put a new sheet of rubber roofing over it.”

At Conelway, crews are replacing a section over the kitchen and boiler area.

“It’s old and wet, so they’ll be tearing that section out and replacing that, too,” Clark said.

The roof at Conelway Elementary School is more than 20 years old and was installed when the school was renovated in 1987.

The middle-high school building had new roofing installed in 1992, but only on sections that were additions. One-third of the building received new roofing in 2003, and other sections had repairs prior to 2003.

When the roofs are complete, a white seal coating will be spread over the entire roof of each building, except for sections that are less than three years old.

“There will be two sections (at the middle-high school) that won’t have the white coating,” Clark said. “Those are the new administration building and the sections being repaired over the boilers.”

Clark said the white coating should help the buildings stay cooler in the summertime.

“The white roof reflects so much heat off the roof, it’s 25 degrees to 30 degrees cooler with a white roof than a black one when the sun hits it,” Clark said.

Other projects include paving the parking lot at the middle-high school, patching the pavements in the parking lots at Columbus and Corry elementary schools, and installing new curbing at the middle-high school.

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