Corry City Council has approved additional work to go along with a paving project scheduled for East South and Summer streets.

Council had accepted a $105,753 bid from Vincent Cross Paving Inc. of Union City to resurface deteriorating sections of East South and Summer Streets, near Corry Area Middle-High School.

On Monday, council, during its monthly meeting, also approved milling on East South and Summer streets.

Council awarded an $8,715 contract to Vincent Cross Paving. Cross’s bid was the lower of two bids received. Russell Standard Corp. of Union City submitted the only other bid, which was higher at $9,946.

City Administrator Gerry Dahl said the project is slated to begin Aug. 12 and should last about two weeks or less.

Councilman Dave Maryott, head of the streets department, said crews will take some of the topcoat off before resurfacing.

“They will mill down in places where it’s heavy,” Maryott said.

Maryott said the milling should even out the street, especially where driveways and drainage are a concern.

“The pavement won’t be high in some places and lower in other places,” Maryott said. “It won’t be above or below a driveway where it can cause drainage problems.”

The following streets are scheduled to be resurfaced with 3 inches of asphalt and leveled:

• Summer Street, a total of 600 feet from East Main Street to East Pleasant Street

• East South Street, a total of 900 feet from Summer Street to Avenue a

• East South Street, a total of 1,950 feet from Avenue A to Shady Avenue.

Council had wanted to resurface Sciota Street, from Route 6 to the Industrial Park, this year, but residents of East South Street attended a June council meeting and convinced the five-member board to spend its paving money on East South Street instead.

Council had budgeted $126,000 for its summer streets projects, and the paving bid came in about $10,000 lower than expected.

Dahl said workers should be done by the end of the week of Aug. 20 at the latest, which means the area should be cleared of equipment by the time students return to school on Aug. 25.

“If not, we’ll have things in a condition that will allow traffic to get back and forth to the school,” Dahl said.

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