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Clymer Central School officials take an oath of office during a reorganizational meeting on Monday. From left are school board members David Maleski, Amanda Stapels, Willowe Neckers, Mike Schenck, Superintendent Ed Bailey and District Clerk Kristin Irwin. Not pictured is board member Ed Mulkeran, who also took an oath of office at the meeting.

CLYMER, N.Y. — Mike Schenck was unanimously elected to his fifth term as Clymer Central School Board of Education president Monday afternoon during a reorganizational meeting in the school’s library. 

Schenck previously served as vice president of the board for six years. Ed Mulkeran was unanimously appointed to serve as vice president of the board. 

Mulkeran and Schenck, along with board members Willowe Neckers, Amanda Stapels and newcomer David Maleski took an oath of office after the appointments.

Superintendent Ed Bailey and District Clerk Kristin Irwin also took the oath.

Maleski replaces longtime board member Norm Upperman, who recently finished his four-year term. Maleski defeated Bethany Collins in a May election to fill the vacant seat. Monday was Maleski’s first meeting. 

Other appointments include tax collector, Wendy Waite; district treasurer, Louann Bahgat; district clerk, Kristin Irwin; and claims auditor, Jane Babcock, at a rate of $1,800.

Also, district external auditor, R.A. Mercer, at a rate of $13,000; school insurance coverage, Deuink Insurance Agency, at a rate not to exceed $52,115; student accident insurance coverage, Deuink Insurance Agency; asbestos designee, superintendent of buildings and grounds; and Section 504 coordinator, Corey Rhodes.

A few appointments were “to be determined” according to the meeting’s agenda, including director of special education, alternate CSE/CPSE chairperson and a second Title IX compliance officer in addition to Bailey. 

Three law firms were appointed as school attorneys: Lundberg & Gustafson, at a rate of $180 per hour; Hodgson & Russ, at hourly rates of $267 for partners, $253 for senior associates, $229 for associates, $121 for legal assistants, $177 for law clerks; and Harris Beach, at hourly rates of $259 for partners, $239 for associates, $249 for consultants, and $115 for paralegals.

Bailey explained that Lundberg & Gustafson are used for general legal questions while Hodgson & Russ and Harris Beach are utilized when the school wants more professional educational lawyers for big issues. 

“What this allows us to do is choose which attorney we go to,” Schenck said.

Other appointments include health assistant, Ginna Newton; records access officer, Louann Bahgat; treasurer of extra-class activities account, Rachel Flint; deputy treasurer of extra-class activities account, Ed Bailey; co-directors of physical education, Superintendent Ed Bailey and Irvin King; and Dignity Act coordinator, Ed Bailey and Lynne Bemis.

Also, homeless liaison, Corey Rhodes; Title I Grants, Lynne Bemis; Title I Coordinator, Lynne Bemis; newsletter editor, Lisa Perry, at a rate of $300 per issue; substitute caller, Judy Heidler at a rate of $6,000 per year through 2018-19; and deputy district treasurer, Rachel Flint.

Bonding was approved for the following personnel: tax collector, $2 million; district treasurer, $1 million; district clerk, $25,000; treasurer of extra-class activities account, $25,000; and claims auditor, $25,000.

Designations that were made include: official depository for district funds, Community Bank, N.A.; other banks used by district, MBIA (N.Y. Class), Key Bank and Chase; and official district newspaper, Jamestown Post-Journal.

Authorizations that were made include person to certify payrolls and school purchasing agent, superintendent; substitute school purchasing agent, school business official; attendances at all conferences, conventions, etc., with designated expenses, superintendent; two petty cash funds in the amount of $100 each for superintendent and principal; and designate the authorized signatures on checks, treasurer.

Also, approve unlimited budget transfers up to $25,000, superintendent; approve and review all journal entries, superintendent; apply for grants in aid, superintendent; wire transfers, Rachel Flint and Louann Bahgat; investments, school business official; use of credit card, superintendent, school business official, district clerk and account clerk; and payments in advance of audit claims for public utility service, postage, freight and express charges.

An IRS approved mileage rate of 54 cents was established and the bus mileage rate was set at $1 per mile for community group trips.

School board meeting times were set for the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

David Maleski was appointed the legislative liaison for the New York State School Boards Association and Chautauqua County School Board Association. 

Clymer Central School board policies and code of ethics were re-adopted as well as the school’s mission statement, “We will provide all students the opportunity to learn today so they may contribute to a better tomorrow.”

Tuition rates for grandfathered students were set at $200, and all members of the board signed conflict of interest statements. 

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