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The city of Corry Police Department recently filed charges against a New York man who allegedly burglarized The Fork and Barrel Restaurant and Corry County Club in early May. 

Howard A. Barco, 58, of Orchard Park, New York, is accused of breaking into a locked office at The Fork and Barrel, 554 Country Club Road, Corry, and stealing, cash, checkbooks and credit/debit cards at about 7:02 p.m. on May 2. 

Barco stole $111 in cash as well as checkbooks and credit/debit cards for The Fork and Barrel Restaurant and Corry Country Club. Corry City Police said Barco then drove to North East and Harborcreek where he used both of the stolen cards to remove $202.50 from the country club's account and $285 from the restaurant's account. 

The stolen debit and credit cards were used at 7:53, 7:57, 8:15 and 8:20 p.m. in North East and Harborcreek the evening of the burglary. The locations where the cards were used include Harvest Pub, 11019 Sidehill Road, North East, and a Kwik Fill gas station in the Harborcreek area. 

An investigation into the burglary revealed Barco had committed several similar crimes around Erie County. 

Through a combined effort and the sharing of information between police departments in Erie County and the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office as well as police detectives around Orchard Park, Corry City Police were able to identify the suspect in the crimes as Barco.

Corry City Police Chief Rich Shopene said Barco committed a crime in Millcreek Township where someone left a credit card in a Sheetz store and he took it and then made purchases at Jim's Automotive, the gas station across from the David Corry dealership. 

Barco did similar things at Mercyhurst University as well as Penn State University at Behrend, and most of his crimes mainly consisted of stealing credit/debit cards and using them to withdraw money or make purchases, according to Shopene. 

Corry City Police said Barco was identified based on video and photographs from the crime scenes and a detective in the Orchard Park area who personally knows Barco from previous encounters. 

An arrest warrant for Barco was sent to Chautauqua County Jail where he is currently residing after being arrested in Hamburg, New York, on Tuesday for charges from Chautauqua County. 

"I don't know how they came about finding him in Hamburg, but Chautauqua County had a warrant for him for going into a country club and I believe stealing a wallet at a country club over by Bemis Point," Shopene said. "Someone saw it happening and was able to get a license plate, which came back to Mr. Barco."

Corry City Police charged Barco with burglary, two counts of theft and two counts of access device fraud. Once Barco answers the charges in New York state, Erie County will be notified for extradition proceedings. 

"Once we get him or Millcreek gets him then he's going to be arraigned on all the charges in Erie County," Shopene said. 

Shopene said police were able to positively ID Barco as the one who committed the crime in Corry, Millcreek and the surrounding area through surveillance video and photos from multiple crime scenes. 

"The reason we were able to solve this was because of multiple agencies working together and sharing information," he said.


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