The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority recently awarded more than $150,000 in grant funds to the city of Corry and Impact Corry.

Throughout Erie County, $462,110  was awarded to communities via the Renaissance Block Program, the Multi-Municipal Collaboration Grant and the 2021 Parks, Fields, and Trails Grant. 

Impact Corry was awarded $25,000 to collaborate with the city, Concord Township, Corry Redevelopment Authority and Strategic Solutions Inc. for Corry-Lawrence Airport and its strategic plan.

The Multi-Municipal Collaboration Grant was created in 2012 to spur cooperation among the county’s 38 municipalities in support of economic growth and to bring back vibrancy to communities. 

“Corry is very grateful toe ECGRA and the leadership of Dr. Perry Wood,” said Corry Mayor Dave Mitchell in a press release. “With these funds we will really be able to keep the community progressing at a very high speed. Corry would to thank ECGRA for supporting this grant and our endeavors as we move forward.”

Impact Corry was also awarded $90,000 for its next round of Renaissance Block funds. 

The Renaissance Block Program is based on neighborhood cooperation to fight blight within a community. The strategy is that where neighbors are organized and willing, aging and neglected areas of town can be improved, block by block. 

Renaissance Block Grant funding has already targeted Corry streets and more than 20 homes have been renovated over the last several years, with more neighborhoods and residents willing and able to work on improvements to their properties. 

Under the Parks, Fields, and Trails Grant, Corry was awarded $12,500 for improvements at North Hills Municipal Golf Course, and $25,000 was given to Impact Corry for its work to fill an Erie to Pittsburgh trail gap in town. 

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