New Family Dollar store

Construction on a new Family Dollar store has begun in Spartansburg. The store, which will be located at 368 Main St., is expected to open late this summer.

SPARTANSBURG — A Family Dollar store is expected to open in Spartansburg late this summer.

The store — which will sell everything from frozen and refrigerated foods to health and beauty supplies to household items and clothes — will be located at 368 Main St., between the Spartansburg Methodist Church and the East Branch of Oil Creek.

"It will be a typical-size store," said Bryn Winburn, public and media relations manager for Family Dollar. "It will be approximately 8,300 square feet."

Winburn added that the store will employ between eight and 10 part-time and full-time team members who will be hired from within the community. Two of those positions will be a manager and an assistant manager.

Construction to the store began this month and Winburn will announce an estimated opening date this summer, possibly around June.

Winburn said Family Dollar decided to build a store in Spartansburg after conducting an in-depth study on the area.

"Our real estate team utilizes a software program the determines potential sites for new stores," she said. "It sounds like there is potential for Spartansburg since it has been a long time since a commercial business has been there. This will be a great addition for the residents."

Family Dollar is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and operates about 8,000 stores nationwide.

The chain is a growing Fortune 300 Company and its mission is to be a compelling place to shop. Family Dollar aims to offer customers a unique mix of products, while keeping costs low, to pass on the savings to customers, according to its website

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