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Phase one of a citywide water project is wrapping up with two out of six contracts left to be completed.

The two-phase water project started in 2017 to update the city's aging water infrastructure with phase two construction estimated to start in March. 

A contract with Geiger Electric LLC of Erie for electrical work on well houses has been completed, but a change order added antenna installation for a remote meter collection system, which is projected to be completed by the end of the month.

The installation of that system will complete the contract with Geiger.

The system gives the city the ability to collect water usage remotely and sent to the city's computer system. The antenna equipment needs to be placed high on a tower or poll. 

There are now five locations confirmed where the antennas will be installed — a pole will be erected at an East Main Street pump station, another pole will be put in at North Hills Municipal Golf Course, an existing tower at the sewage pump station at 100 Sciota St. will have an antenna installed on it, a poll will be put in at the new water tank site on Chord Road and an existing light pole will be used at Corry Area Intermediate School baseball field.

Geiger Electric has not had the cooperation of the weather to dig holes for placing electric poles at three of the locations, though all antenna equipment has been received.

Corry Public Works Department Lead Operator Mark Leofsky said that work is scheduled to start next week. 

The only outstanding contract is with Newman Plumbing, of Harmony, for residential and commercial meter installation.

"The issue is the contractor not getting access to the homes, which is outside of his control," City Engineer Gus Maas.

It is a unit price contract, which means the company gets paid per meter, Maas said.

If all work is completed but there are still meters remaining to be installed, phase one of the water project could still be closed, and another contractor could be contracted to come in at a later date to finish the meter installations.

There are about 25 meters left to install, some commercial, some residential. 

One meter installation yet to be completed is at Corry Memorial Hospital, an affiliate of LECOM Health. That installation is held up due to spacial issues. Existing piping needs to be adapted before the meter can be installed.

Phase one is estimated to be completed in February or March and repayment is scheduled to start in June.

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