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Warren County residents will pay more taxes under a proposed 2016-17 Corry Area School District budget, while residents in Erie and Crawford counties will see their bills decrease.

Members of the Corry Area School Board approved the preliminary spending plan on Monday, but will not make an official adoption until Monday, June 20.

The budget is available to taxpayers during a 20-day review period.

"We could still have some changes," said CASD Business Manager Brenda Clabbatz. "But, our numbers are fairly solid. Our state funding has gone up slightly, but nothing huge."

Clabbatz presented a revenue neutral budget that balances $31,837,946 in revenue and expenditures. A $600,000 budgetary reserve has been built in for emergency situations.

The district comprises property owners in Erie, Crawford and Warren counties, with millage calculated differently in each county. The state uses a formula that equalizes millage for all taxpayers in all three counties within the district boundaries.

Warren County residents are projected to be assessed at 46.9 mills, an increase of last year's total of 44.4 mills. 

To break it down more specifically, a Warren County resident who owns a $75,000 home could see a $53 increase in their 2016-17 tax bill. For an Erie County resident who owns a $75,000 home, their taxes are expected to decrease about $12. Crawford County residents who own a $75,000 home will see a decrease of about $75.

Property owners in the district who qualify for the homestead and farmstead exemptions are expected to see a reduction in taxes.

"Hopefully, we will not be in a position this year where we are waiting for our state funding for six to 10 months," Clabbatz said. 

The Pennsylvania 2015-16 budget was at an impasse for nine months, causing funding to public school to be withheld for long periods of time. Although the budget was passed in March, some local districts have still not recovered financially. 

"Our fear going forward is that we are going to be in the same predicament as last year," Clabbatz said.

Under new business, board members also approved:

• a special education extended school year that will be held on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to noon from June 14 through Aug. 9.

• a middle-high school summer academy to be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 1:30 pm., beginning July 11 and continuing through Aug. 11.

• permission for student athletes to attend District 10 competitions and playoffs at the Spire Athletic Complex in Geneva, Ohio.


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