Shop local, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday

With Black Friday and Small Business Saturday under the umbrella of a single weekend, some unique opportunities will be available for Corry shoppers as downtown businesses ask customers to consider shopping local and shopping small this holiday season.

Members of the Downtown Corry Business Association (DCBA) will be open and running certain customer specials on Friday, Nov. 26, and Saturday, Nov. 27, to encourage support of small businesses. Here are just some of the weekend promotions planned.

The Whistle Stop Antique Mall, 50 N. Center St., will be holding two drawings for $50 gift certificates on Saturday.

Williams Place, 117 N. Center St., will be holding one drawing on Friday and one on Saturday for $50 each. On Saturday, the shop will be opening at 8 a.m. with free coffee and doughnuts available for shoppers.

Pipit’s, 107 N. Center St., Corry, will be serving refreshments.

Saturday is $5 per bag day at Village Thrift Shop, 51 N. Center St. Shoppers may also sign up for an annual 10-minute shopping spree.

A “Peel to Reveal Holiday Discount” is taking place at Dahlia Home Décor, 10 S. Center St. on Friday and Saturday.

DCBA Chairwoman Wendy Neckers said that shop owners in Downtown Corry are thankful for the way the community continues to stand behind them.

“We have been phenomenally grateful for the support we have seen in our small businesses in downtown Corry,” Neckers said. “We are looking forward to being there for everyone during the Christmas season. Throughout the summer and the fall, we’ve heard people say that they are coming to Corry to shop for their Christmas season, because they appreciate the value on the products we have as well as the unique, creative products we have available.”

She went on to say that so far, this has been a surprisingly successful year for many of the small downtown shops.

“Most of our businesses have had a very good year because of people’s intent to support small businesses,” Neckers said. “We look forward to this Christmas season because we’ve been getting our shelves and our shops ready with all kinds of delightful Christmas presents.”

Shopping small is another initiative being promoted through American Express’ Small Business Saturday or “Shop Small Saturday,” and something else customers have told Neckers and other business owners they intend to do this year.

“We appreciate that,” Neckers said. “It really helps that American Express does Small Business Saturday and promotes it nationwide. It benefits us all, whether they use their [American Express] card, cash or another credit card. I think that’s very generous of them.”

For more information, visit the Downtown Corry Business Association Facebook page.

Carol Fielding contributed to this report.

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