Perkins Restaurant, 310 W. Columbus Ave., Corry, has closed. A sign on the door informs residents that the business is closed until further notice. 


As of today, Perkins Restaurant in Corry has closed its doors.

The store, located at 310 W. Columbus Ave., did not end up being purchased by new owners who were supposedly set to take on 17 stores that were in bankruptcy court.

"Unfortunately, the place that purchased the rest of them was not interested in this location," said Shannon Bliss, manager of Corry Perkins. "We are closing it down as Campbell's because its still in bankruptcy at this point."

In July, a federal judge originally ordered 27 Perkins locations that were owned by Campbell's Land Co. Inc. (CLC) of Monroeville to close, as the company defaulted on its franchise payments to Perkins & Marie Callendar's LLC and most recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In court documents, CLC said it had between $10 and $50 million in liabilities to more than 200 creditors.

However, a couple weeks later, the Corry store was said to be part of a group of 17 of the 27 franchises that were to be bought by a new owner — JDK Management — and would remain open. The other 10 were set to close.

Bliss received word on Friday that the Corry restaurant would not ultimately be purchased by JDK as revenue from the store was not high enough for the new buyers. 

Bliss, along with a handful of other employees was in the restaurant today packing and transferring products and paper goods to other stores. And, preparing the location to remain closed — for now.

"Hopefully somebody decides to buy us at some point," Bliss said. "Anything can happen."



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