City gathering estimates for feasibility study on city complexes

Corry City Council will meet for a final time this year on Monday, Dec. 19.

At the meeting, Council will be voting on several ordinances to take effect in the new year.  

The ordinances include the 2017 tax levy ordinance, the 2017 appropriation ordinance, the sewer rate ordinance, the water rate and regulation ordinance, the city’s rental housing ordinance and the city of Corry salary ordinance. 

The 2017 tax levy ordinance proposes raising taxes in the city to 10.35 mills. 

This means a home valued at $100,000 would have a tax bill of $1,035.  

Residents can estimate their 2017 tax bill by multiplying their home’s estimated value by 0.01035. 

The 2017 tax levy ordinance also states that the assessed valuation of all land and buildings within the city of Corry is $234,202,143. This was determined by the Erie County Assessor’s office in November of this year. 

The 2017 appropriation ordinance focuses on Corry’s 2017 budget. 

The ordinance lists the city’s general fund estimated revenue for 2017 to be $3,674,219. This includes $2,655,426 in receipts from the current tax levy, $159,000 from receipts from taxes for prior years and $859,793 in other revenue. 

The estimated expenses for the general fund totals $3,674,219. The costs include $370,862 in general government,  $1,505,327 in protection to persons and properties and $3,660,263 in operation and maintenance costs. 

The protection to persons and properties expenses include salaries for the police and fire departments, along with building regulations, zoning and emergency management. 

The sewer rate ordinance proposes raising the base charge for each meter to a $12 flat rate. The current rate is $7.86. The 52 percent increase only applies to the base rate, not individual usage, which is added to it.

The water rate ordinance proposes raising the flat rate from $2.50 to $5. The 100 percent increase only pertains to the flat rate, and individual usage is then added.

Council will also be voting on the new rental housing ordinance. The ordinance aims to improve the inspection program for rental properties located within the city of Corry to ensure all residential rental properties meet the minimum standards for the protection, health and safety of the residents living in the properties. 

The city’s salary ordinance will also be voted on at the meeting. The ordinance shows the fixed salaries and wages of city officials, officers and employees for the year 2017.

Council has already voted in favor of each ordinance upon first reading at previous council meetings. Monday’s meeting will be the final vote to adopt the ordinances. 

The final Corry City Council meeting for 2016 will begin at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers on Dec. 19. 

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From the article:
"The estimated expenses for the general fund totals $3,674,219. The costs include $370,862 in general government, $1,505,327 in protection to persons and properties and $3,660,263 in operation and maintenance costs."

The break up listed adds up to way more than the estimated expense amount of $3,674,219! Want to publish a correction?

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