Workers Swing into Action at Playground

There was a lot of heavy equipment at Spartansburg Elementary School Monday for these boys to watch as Randy Scouten does the excavation work for the new playground. Larry Scouten and Vick Savitz hauled the dirt away in dump trucks. Watching the excavation work, from left, are Tyler Yatsko, Cooper Yatsko, Gabe Bleicher, and Matthew Daily.

SPARTANSBURG — Susie Bleicher looked at Spartansburg Elementary School on Monday from her mother’s home on Wood Street and liked what she saw.

“This is so exciting,” Bleicher said as she stood in the schoolyard. “I looked down the street and saw it. The kids have needed it for years.”

What she saw was the first stage of construction of the Spartansburg playground.

There was an excavator and two dump trucks behind the school where the new playground will be stationed.

Randy Scouten, of Scouten Construction in Spartansburg, was operating the excavator, digging up the ground to make a 75-by-85-foot rectangle where the new playground equipment will be installed.

Scouten then loaded the dirt into dump trucks driven by his son, Larry, and Vick Savitz of Grand Valley. The dirt was then hauled away to various places to be used for fill dirt.

The workers were volunteering their time and equipment.

“I don’t mind helping out the community,” Randy Scouten said. “It’s not something we can do everyday, but once in a while it doesn’t hurt a thing.”

See the Journal's Tuesday, July 21st edition for full story.

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