The Corry District Judge’s office brought in about $400 more for the second quarter of 2010 than came in for the same period last year.

For the second quarter of 2010 — April, May and June — District Judge Brenda Nichols’ office saw $61,755 in receipts. That figure compares with $61,344 for the second quarter in 2009.

Receipts are listed under traffic, nontraffic and civil/criminal categories. They include money paid in from bail, restitution, collateral, server fees, tax offices and the school district.

Restitution is money owed to criminal victims for crimes that could include damage to private or personal property that needs replaced or repaired. Restitution could also be money paid to criminal victims for bad checks written, or a crime that results in a medical bill.

Money is then disbursed to the city of Corry, Erie County and the state.

For April of this year, the total brought in was $22,662.

For April 2010, traffic receipts were $5,102 compared with $2,726 the previous April. Nontraffic receipts in April 2010 were also higher this year, at $14,921 compared with $12,509 last year. For civil/criminal receipts, 2010 figures were down slightly at $2,639 compared with $2,993 in 2009.

In May, total receipts for 2010 were $19,474.

Civil/criminal receipts were $7,336 less than in 2009, at $3,705. The 2009 figure was $11,041.

Nichols said district judges rotate to be on-duty in the evening and weekends once every five weeks. In May 2010, she was not on-duty.

“When I’m on duty, a lot of the times I’ll set a bail amount, and the people post bail,” Nichols. “I didn’t collect any bail for on-duty.”

Also, Nichols said, there were not a lot of civil cases filed in her office in May.

“In May 2009, there was restitution set on a lot of cases, and people paid that restitution,” Nichols said.

Traffic and nontraffic dollars for the month were comparable with the year before, with receipts for 2010 at $4,724 for traffic and $11,044 for nontraffic.

In June, receipts for all three categories were also similar. Total receipts in June 2010 were $19,619.

Receipts for individual categories were $5,508 in traffic fines, $9,187 for nontraffic and $4,924 for civil/criminal fines.

Money paid out to the city includes $6,250 to the city of Corry, $8,157 to the county, and $19,795 to the state for the second quarter.

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