Weather forecasters are predicting a lake effect snowstorm will hit the Corry area this weekend. 

“We’ve been receiving predictions for anywhere from 7 to 24 inches of snow over a period of three days,” said Terri Williams, superintendent of the public works department. “The plow trucks are all ready to go and we are just in a waiting game now.”

Williams added that the streets department is doing everything they can to prepare for the impending storm, and she says the department is being as proactive as possible. 

“We’re doing some things differently,” she said. “For the first time, we’ll have people out on second shift on Thursday and Friday night. There will be two guys out from 7 p.m. to about 3:30 a.m. both nights. We’re making plans accordingly to get a jump on things.”

Williams said the department will make sure to increase manpower if the storm gets too bad. 

“We’ll just keep playing it by ear and call in more guys if we need them,” she said. “All we can really do is wait to see what happens, and make sure we’re ready.”

If the snowstorm does hit, Williams said there are several ways Corry residents can help the streets department work more efficiently.

“If you can avoid parking on the street, please do so,” she said. “Also, if people can put off being on the road, that’s helpful. However, if they have to be out, they should give the plows enough room. Please travel at a safe speed and stay well behind the plows.”

Williams also suggests residents change their normal travel routes and avoid known danger spots. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has also released a list of safety tips that drivers should keep in mind during the winter months. They are:

• Listen to weather and travel advisories.

• Follow at least six car lengths behind an operating plow truck.

• Do not pass or go between trucks plowing snow in a line.

• Turn on headlights whenever wipers are in use.

• Allow for extra driving time as weather and road conditions can change quickly.

• Be prepared to drive slowly and increase following distances when necessary.

• Carry a phone but don’t use it while driving.

• Clear ice and snow from vehicles.

• Carry an emergency travel kit.

• Never drive impaired.

• Always wear a seat belt.

The National Weather Service has placed Corry, and several other areas in Erie County, on a Lake Effect Snow Watch. 

The watch is for southern Erie County and will be in place from 9 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 8, until 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 10. 

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