SPARTANSBURG — Borough Council will reimburse itself $4,492.77 in state liquid fuels money.

Council will transfer the money from its general fund to its liquid fuels account and present a copy of its check to the state for approval.

Liquid fuels money is state funding for municipalities to be used for road maintenance.

Council was originally required to pay itself back $8,148 in liquid fuels money because of money used for a job that did not follow state specifications.

However, council was able to deduct money it used for street lights and snowplowing. The deduction reduced the payback amount to $4,492.

“We’re not losing any money,” acting Secretary Rhonda Hopkins told council during its recent regular meeting. “We’re just moving it from one account to another.”

In other news, Secretary Sue Kinney will again assume her duties after being off for medical reasons since mid-January.

Following a 30-minute executive session for personnel, Councilman Terry Fisher told Kinney she will be on probation for 60 days. Kinney was hired in September and was not told at that time that she would have a probationary period.

Fisher said nobody has evaluated the part-time position.

“She was off for a period of time, and some changes were made,” Fisher said. “We wanted to make sure she understands.”

Council also wants Kinney to attend a training session for borough secretaries through the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs. Kinney plans to attend one this month in Butler.

Under unfinished business, council approved a resolution naming alternate voting delegates to the Erie County Tax Collection Committee. The Erie County TCC is a regional earned-income tax collection committee with representatives from county municipalities.

A countywide EIT collection system consolidates collection and disbursement at the local level within a school district.

Although the TCC is for Erie County, Spartansburg is included because the voting district includes the Corry Area School District.

The resolution names Spartansburg resident Terry Long as its voting delegate; Joanne Smith, the current EIT collector for the city of Corry, as first alternate voting delegate; and Michele Hunt, current EIT collector for Columbus Township, as second voting delegate.

See the Journal's Thursday, April 8th edition for full story.

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