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An investigation into Corry garage burglaries continues and no information has been obtained to suggest that any property stolen is staying local.

Corry Police Chief Rich Shopene said officers have been working with pawn shops, auction houses as well as online outlets such as Facebook marketplace and Craigslist but no items matching property stolen has shown up.

"We don't have any solid information," Shopene said. “Nothing has been corroborated as of this time."

Officers have also been looking outside of the local area in pursuit of information and stolen property.

Shopene said since nothing has been located, it suggests the items could have been taken out of the area or is possibly getting stored in the area.

Shopene said that while officers have been looking at all cases and comparing them for similarities, he is taking another look back through October and pulling every case that could possibly be related to look for patterns.

"The guys have been looking at it, seeing what it is, but I went back through October and searched the whole database to pull out cases that are similar," Shopene said. "That way we have a timeline when they started to pick up, where they were located at and everything else."

All similar cases are in the process of being re-evaluated to see if any piece of data was missed.

Shopene said there is no money in the budget to offer a reward for information. 

Corry Mayor Dave Mitchell said he doesn't believe more police patrols would offer a viable solution.

"It comes down to the fact that you need to have an effective, efficient force," Mitchell said. "The chief has worked really hard to get the maximum out of his manpower because you can only afford so much as citizens, but the mere presence of the police is there."

Shopene said the burglary reported to police on Friday at Mitchell's residence did not escalate the situation, but just added to the list of what police need to evaluate.

"The mayor's case didn't put this to the forefront, it was on the forefront," Shopene said. "I'm just going through to make sure we have everything that matches the M.O."

Shopene advises residents to lock up property and possessions since most of the thefts have been through unlocked doors.

"We're looking at power tools, chain saws, weed eaters, drills, circular saws, power washers, and then you have the other stuff like kayaks and stuff like that," Shopene said. "You're not just going to walk up to a house, take a kayak and walk down the street with it so obviously there are vehicles involved."

He also said if anything is seen or heard out of the ordinary, even if it's in the middle of the night, do not wait until morning to call 911, dial it right away.

Shopene went on to say that the police are taking this very seriously and are following up on all leads. If anyone in incident neighborhoods has video cameras or noticed anything unusual, call the city of Corry Police Department at 814-664-2222.

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