Spartansburg Borough Council met recently and addressed upcoming issues with borough streets.

Council spoke with Troy Cyphert, PennDOT Municipal Services specialist, about IA Construction completing repair work to the original job of Jefferson Street that was never finished as expected. Due to the weather in the fall of 2019, IA Construction ran out of time to complete the job. Council was not given a time frame in which the repairs would be completed.

Council voted to join the small borough joint sealcoat bid. Spartansburg will send two representatives a delegate and an alternate — to a meeting in April. Three streets up for bid for top-coating are Jefferson, Davenport and Blakeslee streets.

"Cemetery Road needs to be addressed soon as well," said Council President Ben Byler. "We need to speak to the neighbors on Cemetery Road as we should cut trees back and remove some brush so the road gets sunlight. It would be good to get to it before there are leaves on the trees."

In other business, some overdue wastewater treatment bills are being paid. One local resident faced with a potential lien paid the sewer bill which had not been paid for 12 months.

The borough is no longer under the oversight of Building Inspection Underwriters of Erie PA (BIU). As of Feb. 5, 2020, the borough is utilizing the services of Construction Code Inspectors (CCI) for all new construction and renovation in the borough. In February of 2019 Borough Council began the process of changing inspection companies. Due to the legalities involved, the process took a year to complete.

Local residents have complained about the condition of a sidewalk in front of Clear Lake Lumber that has cracked and broken. Portions have begun to slide down the embankment. Byler spoke with a state representative who informed him that the borough cannot make repairs to the sidewalk as it falls within state property.

Borough resident Janet Fuller is retiring and requested a reduction in her EDUs (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) from two to one as her business will no longer operate from her home. Council voted unanimously to drop the second EDU from the bill.

Borough resident Ron Sitterly suggested the borough consider erecting professionally constructed "Welcome to Spartansburg" signs at each end of the borough on Route 77. Council agreed that this is a nice idea and will begin looking into appropriate locations, sign size and pricing.

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