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Members of the Corry Area School Board approved on Monday a long list of athletic, non-athletic, grade-level coordinators and department heads for the 2019-20 school year.

All positions were unanimously approved by the board, except for the position of athletic director, which was approved separately with a 7-2 vote.

Board members Lonny Eastman and Mike Baker were the "no" votes to approving Patti Brown as athletic director for the 2019-20 school year at a supplemental pay of $15,000.

"I think we could spend more money and get a real AD who would do a way better job," said Eastman, who added he was speaking on behalf of himself and not the board. "I don't think we are being promoted as well as we could be. I don't think we are getting the grants that we could be. It's a lot of things."

Eastman and Baker said it's not the dollar figure they don't approve of, it's the lack of work being done in the position.

"There has to be a distinction about what $15,000 gets you versus the $6,000 it was a couple years ago," said Baker, who was referring to the pay increase to the position that was previously approved.

Eastman and Baker also added that Brown gets at least one period a day to work on athletic director duties and feel that she is being doubly paid during that time as a teacher and an athletic director.

Brown was ultimately awarded the athletic director contract as the vote requires a majority of "yes" votes.

Other athletic supplemental positions that were are approved are: Tyler Bailey, assistant athletic director, $2,193 (step 3); Jeff Goodwill head football coach, $5,334 (step 1); Brandon Miller (nondistrict), assistant football coach, $3,929 (step 3); Travis Carey, assistant football coach, $3,929 (step 3); Mike Lesher, assistant football coach, $3,929 (step 3); Matt Cragg (nondistrict), assistant football coach, $3,001 (step 1); Paul Carney, assistant football coach, $3,536 (step 2); Dale Morgenstern, assistant football coach (middle school), $2,422 (step 1); Craig Jaquith, assistant football coach (middle school), $3,929 (step 3); Kelly Goodsel (nondistrict), head volleyball coach,$6,314 (step 3); and Mark Brenner (nondistrict), assistant volleyball coach, $3,001 (step 1).

Also, Heather Yeager, band director, $5,682 (step 2); Tristan McCray (nondistrict), assistant band director, $1,829 (step 3); Ethan Wicker (nondistrict), assistant band director, $1,646 (step 2); Rachel Kinlan (nondistrict), assistant band director, $1,327 (step 1); Gary Millspaw (nondistrict), head boys soccer coach, $4,383 (step 2); Matt Winans (nondistrict), assistant boys soccer coach, $2,211 (step 1); Gary Whiteley (nondistrict), head girls soccer coach, $4,871 (step 3); Megan Pound, assistant girls soccer coach, $2,211 (step 1); Ryan Kelly, head boys and girls cross-country coach, $4,871 (step 3); Chelsea Messinger, assistant boys and girls cross-country coach (middle school), $1,772 (step 1); and Skip Laird (nondistrict), head golf coach, $2,429 (step 3).

Also, Sheri Suchar (nondistrict), varsity football cheerleader sponsor, $2,429 (step 3); Melissa Brooks (nondistrict), junior varsity football cheerleader sponsor, $1,556 (step 2); Julie Tasker (nondistrict), middle school cheerleader co-sponsor (football and basketball), $778 (step 2); Tyler Bailey, head boys basketball coach, $6,314 (step 3); Kevin Williams (nondistrict), assistant boys basketball coach, $3,001 (step 1); Noah Kephart (nondistrict), assistant boys basketball coach, $3,001 (step 1); Mike Soprano, assistant boys basketball coach (middle school), $3,929 (step 3); Christopher Getz (nondistrict), assistant boys basketball coach (middle school), $3,929 (step 3); Megan Sisson, head girls basketball coach, $6,314 (step 3); Stephanie Bennett, assistant girls basketball coach, $3,929 (step 3); Megan Sisson, assistant girls basketball coach (middle school); $3,929 (step 3); and Kurtis Fox, assistant girls basketball coach (middle school), $3,929 (step 3).

Also, Mark Munsee (nondistrict), head wrestling coach, $6,314 (step 3); Travis Proper (nondistrict), assistant wrestling coach (middle school), $3,929 (step 3); Doug Gerould (nondistrict), head swimming coach, $4,871 (step 3); Rich Zarger, assistant swimming coach, $3,029 (step 3); Beth Askins, varsity basketball cheerleader sponsor, $1,795 (step 1); Melissa Brooks (nondistrict), varsity wrestling cheerleader sponsor, $2,186 (step 2); Dale Morgenstern, head boys track coach, $4,383 (step 2); John Styborski (nondistrict), assistant boys track coach, $2,726 (step 2); Todd Knapp, assistant boys track coach, $2,726 (step 2); Ryan Kelly, head girls track coach, $4,383.00 (step 2); Chelsea Messinger, assistant girls track coach, $3,029 (step 3); Stephanie Bennett, assistant girls track co-coach, $1,363 (step 2); Tom Brady, assistant girls track co-coach, $1,514.50 (step 3); Adam Brewer, head baseball coach, $4,871 (step 3); Mike Lesher, assistant baseball coach, $3,029 (step 3); Mike Soprano, assistant baseball coach, $3,029 (step 3); Meghan Heil, head softball coach, $3,717 (step 1); and Erica DiLuzio, assistant softball coach, $3,029 (step 3).

Non-athletic supplemental positions that were approved are: Jen Dow, senior class advisor, $1,675 (step 2); Paula Carey, junior class advisor, $1,675 (step 2); Mary Beth Brown, sophomore class advisor, $874 (step 2); Kimberly Smrcka, freshman class advisor, $874.00 (step 2); Mary Beth Brown, yearbook advisor, $2,682 (step 3); Kim Smrcka, high school drama director, $2,029 (step 3); Alyssa Britten, high school drama assistant director, $1,029 (step 3); Ryan McBriar, high school newspaper editor, $1,548 (step 3); and Mike Woods, media/marketing coordinator, $2,682 (step 3). 

Also, Paula Carey, senior high school student council advisor, $1,675 (step 2); Andrew Kuzma, middle school student council advisor, $852 (step 2); Vickey Britten, auditorium coordinator, $1,979 (step 3); Jen Dow, National Honor Society, $1,300 (step 2); Jana Sampsell, National Technical Honor Society, $1,445 (step 3); Erica DiLuzio, Future Business Leaders, $1,300 (step 2); Tiffany Lindsay, Skills USA Advisor, $1,300 (step 2); Nick Krasa, academic team coordinator, $1,798 (step 3); Erica DiLuzio, assistant academic team coordinator, $913 (step 3); Nick Krasa, Robotics, $2,029 (step 3); and Mike McGinnity, mentor program, $1,209 (step 3).

Grade-level coordinators were approved are: Kelly Mosher, grade level coordinator - kindergarten, $950; Sandy Henderson, grade level co-coordinator - grade 1, $475; Rachel Knapp, grade level co-coordinator - grade 1, $475; Amy Hodak, grade level co-coordinator - grade 2, $475; Jacquelynn Hill, grade level co-coordinator - grade 2, $475; Amy Sweet, grade level co-coordinator - grade 3, $475; Afton Hinsdale, grade level co-coordinator - grade 3, $475; Shellie Zaczkiewicz, grade level coordinator - Grade 4, $950; Katie DeSanto, grade level co-coordinator - grade 5, $475; Shannon West, grade level co-coordinator - grade 5, $475; Julie Brundage, grade level co-coordinator - grade 6, $475; Stacie Smith, grade level co-coordinator - grade 6, $475; Valerie Toplovich, middle school ELA coordinator (6,7,8), $950; Eric Brumagin, middle school science coordinator (6,7,8), $950; Stacie Smith, middle school math co-coordinator (6,7,8), $475; Nicole Strychalski, middle school math co-coordinator (6,7,8), $475; and Adam Brewer, middle school social studies coordinator (6,7,8), $950. 

Department head positions that were approved are: Dana Kruse, CTC, $1,100; Mary Beth Brown, fine arts, $950; Patti Brown, health & physical education, $950; Kara Chludzinski, MHS language arts/foreign language, $1,100; Tom Brady, MHS mathematics, $1,100; Christel Jackman, science, $1,100; Mike Woods, MHS social studies, $950; Dawna Lyngarkos, special education, $1,100; Kim Smrcka, music, $950; Travis Carey, technology, $950; Megan Simmonsen, Title I, $950; Patti Brown, district wellness coordinator, $1,500; and Jeff Kerr, district chemical management officer, $600.

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