Corry City Council is looking to fill a vacant seat.

Council on Monday accepted the resignation of Councilwoman Candy Sliker.

Sliker, who had been criticized for missing too many meetings, submitted a brief letter of resignation.

She has been under scrutiny for neglecting her duties as Corry’s director of parks and public property, which include responsibilities associated with the city’s recreation programs and the maintenance of municipal buildings and properties.

There are several other boards that demanded Sliker’s presence at meetings, including the North Hills

Councilmen Dave Maryott, Tom Lathrop, and Pat Migliaccio agreed to receive and accept her letter. Mayor Scott Sanford was excused from attending the meeting.

Sliker did not attend the meeting to deliver the letter in person. Her chair remained empty at Monday’s meeting.

Her nameplate had also been removed prior to the meeting and mailed to her, said City Administrator Gerry Dahl.

A Democrat who was elected to a four-year term on City Council in November 2009 by collecting 328 votes from city voters, Sliker was sworn into office Jan. 4.

According to city records, Sliker had attended only four of council’s numerous regular business meetings.

However, she still cashed all of her her bi-weekly $34.62 checks from the city, with each check having a net value of $30.43. Her last paycheck was sent Friday, but there is no word on whether she has cashed it.

There is currently no word from Sliker about whether she will return any of the money she’s received while in office.

Despite her dereliction of duty, as long as she remained in office, council had no authority to suspend her pay, Dahl said.

Additionally, state laws prevented Sliker from being removed from her seat on council.

According to the state’s Constitution, there are only three methods by which elected city officials in a Third Class City such as Corry can be removed from office:

• Impeachment by the General Assembly.

• By the governor for reasonable cause after due notice and full hearing on the address of two thirds of the state Senate.

• By the courts after conviction of misbehavior in office or of any infamous crime.

The only timely way for Sliker to leave office was for her to resign.

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