CLYMER, N.Y. — The Town of Clymer Board met at the highway building, 8026 Route 474, on Tuesday evening for a regular monthly meeting. 

The meeting was facilitated by Town of Clymer Supervisor Travis Heiser. 

Matthew Zarbo and Mike Pezzino of Barton and Loguidice, D.P.C., a water and sewer consulting firm with branches in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo, New York, came to present to the board regarding potential grant funding for upcoming water projects. 

Zarbo and Pezzino discussed various services their company provides, the process of effectively pursuing grant money, and the town's eligibility for specific state and federal grant programs. 

In their presentation, Zarbo and Pezzino discussed particular steps to projects such as developing a plan, establishing community support, bond resolutions, marketing and more.

Zarbo and Pezzino said their company employs a myriad of specialists, including engineers and hydrogeologists, among others. The company helps municipalities to find funding for and address water, wastewater, stormwater and sewer problems, along with several other types of improvement projects. 

Debby Schurman, town budget officer, presented a 2019 financial report. She explained that the town was over budget in certain areas while under budget in others, and the overall budget balanced out. Schurman's report was approved by the board. 

Carl Neckers was appointed by the board to fill an open board seat. Heiser noted Neckers will fill the seat until November, when he will have the option of campaigning to be elected.

A possible 15-year renewal to the town's Spectrum agreement with a 3% franchise fee was also discussed. Heiser commented a public hearing needs to be scheduled in order to consider this. A notice stating the date and time of said hearing must also be published to notify community members. 

The board approved holding a public hearing to discuss the Spectrum agreement at their regular monthly meeting on March 10 at 7:30 p.m. A public notice will be posted at the town clerk's office and published in the near future.

The process for establishing a wind farm and wind tower ordinance has been discussed with Joel Sechrist, town attorney. Heiser said Sechrist should soon have a model law for the town board to review.

"We're looking to at least put some rules in place for that," Heiser said.

It was mentioned that Sechrist recently alerted the board that 5G wireless facilities may soon be developed in the area. Heiser said the town is bound by state regulations as to how much they can charge for this, but that a fee structure will likely need to be established.

A town playground project was also discussed. Town Board Member Todd Kolstee presented estimated costs for equipment and discussed possible grant funding through the Ralph Wilson Foundation. Kolstee said one of his next goals is to garner community support in order to seek grant funding.

Schurman noted there is about $12,000 in the town's parks fund.

The towns of Clymer, Mina and French Creek are continuing their search for a joint dog control officer, spearheaded by the town of Mina. Ads have been placed, but there is no action as of yet, Heiser stated. 

Heiser announced that Rails to Trails, an effort to connect Albany, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Washington, is working with a private landowner in Sherman to connect various types of trails between Sherman and Clymer. 



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