Tire collection nets $261

Volunteers Mike Largarticha, left, and Jim Myers team up to stack tires in roll-off containers at Saturday’s community tire collection at the Corry city garage on East Smith Street. Journal photo by Andy Kerstetter

Corry residents demonstrated their giving nature Saturday at Corry’s second annual tire collection. The collection was held at the city garage on East Smith Street from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Although the number of tires collected didn’t surpass that of the first collection day, held Nov. 21 last year, the amount of money donated for the Corry Area Food Pantry exceeded the number of tires collected.

“People were quite generous with their donations,” said City Administrator Gerry Dahl.

Residents who dropped off their tires were asked to donate $1 per tire for the food pantry, and 199 tires were collected. But the final amount of money donated to the food pantry amounted to $261.

An additional 25 to 30 tires were added today by the city.

These tires came from old police cars and fire trucks, Dahl said.

The tires will be transported to High Tread International, a tire processing plant in Lockport, N.Y.

The tires will be shredded and recycled into rubber mulch, a material that is used for playgrounds and in yards and gardens.

The recycled tires also will be turned into crumb-rubber products that are used as fillers in rubber compounds and asphalt modifiers, among other uses.

Pro Waste Services Inc., of Erie, will transport the tires to High Tread International later this week.

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