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A date for tar and chipping city streets has been set.

Corry Public Works Department Lead Operator Mark Leofsky said that Suit-Kote Corp., of Meadville, which has been contracted to do the work, said while all roadwork is dependent on weather, the work will begin on Aug. 29.

Suit-Kote told Leofsky that the company can do all contracted tar and chipping in three days.

With the date scheduled during August's fourth week, Leofsky said he is confident all the preparatory roadwork street employees have to complete will be done before Suit-Kote comes into town.

Suit-Kote will be sealing up all the roads that run north and south and many that run east and west, but milling and patching must be done to smooth the roads before the sealing tar and chip can be completed.

The First and Fourth wards will be the focus of patching efforts for the next two weeks.

Some streets that run through the city, such as Route 426, Center Street, are maintained by PennDOT and will not be worked on by streets employees.

While working to complete patching before Suit-Kote starts roadwork, public works employees still have to deal with any water issues.

There is a water-main break today on an old water line near 98 E. Columbus Ave.

Public works crews were out this morning digging up the line to repair the water-main break. This is a section of old line on which new line was attached, Leofsky said.

Corry City Police spotted water coming to the surface of the street in that area and called the break into public works. It should take no more than four or five hours to repair, Leofsky said.

In other Public works department news, the Summer JAM kids have finished working the 180 hours needed to complete the program.

The teens spent their last week washing equipment, cleaning and helping at the Corry Community Center. All of the four teens completed their hours Friday, Leofsky said.

"They were great to be around and were very helpful," Leofsky said.

Roadwork efforts still to come in the fall, after tar and chipping, include ditching work and dirt road maintenance, Leofsky said.

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