President Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump was heavily favored among Corry-area voters during the 2020 presidential election. Trump is seen above at a campaign stop at Erie International Airport on Oct. 20.

If the 2020 presidential election was up to Corry-area voters, then Donald Trump would be serving a second term.

While President Trump's legal team contests the outcome in court one thing is certain — Trump overwhelmingly won at local polls.

Every precinct in The Corry Journal's coverage chose Trump over Joe Biden.

In the city of Corry, Trump defeated Biden by 897 votes. Trump received a total of 1,719 votes across Corry's three voting wards while Biden netted 822 votes, according to an unofficial final count released by the Erie County board of elections.

Here is a compilation of Erie County polling locations in The Journal's coverage area:

• Corry Ward 1 — Trump 416, Biden 197

• Corry Ward 2 — Trump 461, Biden 255

• Corry Ward 3 — Trump 842, Biden 255

• Elgin Borough — Trump 83, Biden 30

• Union City Borough Ward 1 — Trump 410, Biden 191

• Union City Borough Ward 2 — Trump 402, Biden 196

• Amity Township — Trump 395, Biden 163

• Concord Township — Trump 521, Biden 150

• Union Township — Trump 645, Biden 296

• Wayne Township — Trump 660, Biden 211

Trump and his running mate Vice President Mike Pence were also preferred at Crawford County and Warren County polls in the Corry Area School District.

Here is how Spartnaburg-area residents voted, according to completed unofficial election results for Crawford County:

• Spartansburg Borough — Trump 127, Biden 36

• Sparta Township — Trump 409, Biden 100

Here is how Columbus and Spring Creek townships cast ballots in the presidential election, according to preliminary unofficial vote totals for Warren County:

• Columbus Township — Trump 646, Biden 218

• Spring Creek Township — Trump 326, Biden 85

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