Marching band prepares for fall

Members of the Corry High School Marching Band color guard practice their routine for the band’s “West Side Story” show. Journal photo by Andy Kerstetter

For the past two weeks, a familiar sound has echoed through Corry’s streets — and it’s not the rumble of construction vehicles.

It’s music, drifting from the practice fields at Corry Area High School.

The Corry Area High School Marching Band has been preparing for the upcoming fall semester.

“We’ve had a great camp so far,” said Brian Gresh, the band director at Corry middle-high school.

During the first week, the band met at the high school each day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to learn and memorize music, and learn their drill sets — their positions and movements on the field.

This week, the band has gathered from 8 a.m. to noon to continue honing the music and to bring all the show elements together.

“We try to get them (the students) to understand that the show and the program is theirs,” Gresh said.

This year, the band’s repertoire includes selections from the musical “West Side Story.”

They will perform songs from the musical such as “Tonight,” “America,” “Maria,” “Cool” and “Somewhere.”

All members of the band have been working hard to perfect their performance, Gresh said.

“The rookies have been great workers this year, not getting too overwhelmed with everything,” Gresh said. “And the older students are all demonstrating great work ethic and leadership.”

To celebrate and display how far they’ve come, band members will put on a preview of their show Friday evening at Howard Sheen Field.

Prior to the show, band members and their families will have dinner. Members will receive their show-theme T-shirts before the show.

The exact time that the show will begin is undetermined, but spectators should arrive about 6:45 p.m. to get a seat.

Although the band members have worked hard these past two weeks, there is still room for improvement, Gresh said. Additional aspects will be added to the show later, such as visuals and choreographed routines.

“It’s really all about what they (the students) want to get out of it,” Gresh said. “And it comes from what they put into it.”

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