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The city of Corry currently has about 24 inches of snow on the ground, and has received 64 inches of snow so far this season. 

With more snow in the forecast for this weekend, the city’s public works department has been busy trying to keep the roads clear.

“So far the snow plowing process has gone as good as can be expected with the amount of snow we’ve received,” said Corry City Manger Jason Biondi. “We have a good plan in place for this weekend, but we don’t know exactly what the conditions will be.”

Biondi said the public works department has been trying its best to keep up with the plowing, but has dealt with a few maintenance issues.

“We haven’t had any major equipment issues, but we’ve had some minor ones because our equipment is old,” he said. 

Biondi added the public works department utilizes all of its workers during snowstorms. 

“We utilize everyone we have and try to work as efficiently as possible,” he said. “Residents need to understand that we have limited staff and we stagger the start times, so they shouldn’t be concerned when they don’t see a plow right away.”

Biondi also said that because of all the heavy snow over the past few days, residents should be aware that some sidewalks may not have been cleared completely. 

“With the heavy snow it’s hard. There’s going to be more snow around the sidewalks and on the sides of the driveways from plowing,” he explained. “We can’t do anything about that. Any help we can get from homeowners with clearing sidewalks would be greatly appreciated.”

Biondi said residents should also be mindful when driving behind a plow and where they park their vehicles. 

“Never follow too closely behind a plow,” he said. “Remember to be mindful and make sure to give them room if they need to back up. Also, people shouldn’t park at the very end of the driveway, make sure vehicles are as far from the roads as possible.” 

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