Snow News

Whether it's a dusting or 11 inches, leaders at the city of Corry streets department said they are ready for a forecasted storm expected to hit the area on Thursday.

"The equipment is ready, the salt bins are full and everyone has their schedule," said Mark Leofsky, lead operator for the public works department. "The storm might stay to the north of us, so we will kind of play things by ear."

Local forecasts indicate the Corry area could start seeing flakes as early as tonight with a better chance of accumulation in the early morning hours of Thursday. The most aggressive predictions indicate a total of 8 to 11 inches will blanket the area by Friday morning.

"I've been watching a lot of forecasts and it looks like the real stuff might hit on Thursday, depending on how the wind comes in," Leofsky said. 

At full capacity, the city will run two graders, four dump trucks and two pickup trucks to remove the snow. The city is responsible for clearing about 41 miles worth of roads.

"We can plow and salt everything in about 7 1/2 hours," Leofsky said.

If the snowfall is heavy, the city will split crews in two shifts with round the clock coverage.

Families with students in the Corry Area School District are reminded that any class delays or cancellation decisions will be relayed via SchoolReach — the district's telephone messaging service — on its Facebook page, "Corry Area School District," and on local radio and television broadcasts.

"We are right on the line of not getting or getting hit by this storm," Leofsky said. "Hopefully, we won't get it."

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