Customers of Time Warner Cable will see changes in the cost of their services, with some increases, starting

Nov. 1.

Corry City Council this week approved changes provided by the company.

Changes will be in effect for customers who buy basic service, standard service or combined.

Changes will also be in effect for the enhanced, digital programs.

The current cost of basic cable will jump $2.35, from $15.80 to $18.15. For standard, the costs will go from $47.95 to $51.84, or an increase of $3.89. Those who received the combined packages will see their rate increase from $63.75 to $69.99, a jump of $6.24.

Time Warner, in a letter, stated that “While the cost of providing first-class service and advanced, reliable technology continues to go up, and cable programming costs rise well into the double digits, Time Warner Cable has again worked to keep costs down for our customers.”

The letter also said the rate changes, which were provided, do not reflect the many discounted packages offered by the company.

The changes in digital services include the following:

• Cable cards (in lieu of a box) will drop from $2.50 a month to $2 a month, a change of 50 cents.

• DVR service will increase from $7.95 a month to $8.95 a month, a change of $1.

• HBO will increase of $12.99 a month to $14.99 a month, a change of $2.

• Current subscribers to the Digital Variety Tier will continue to be charge $5 a month. New subscribers will be charged $10.95 a month, or $5.95 more.

• Current subscribers to the HD Tier will continue to be charged $5 a month. New subscribers will pay $6.95 a month, a $1.95 increase.

• Current subscribers to Digital Choice, Sports Pass and Movie Pass will continue to be charged $5 a month per service. New customers will be charged $5.95 a month per service, an increase of 95 cents.

The cost of getting a digital converter also will increase from $.799 a month to $8.95 a month, an increase of 96 cents.

Council approved the rate changes by a 4-1 vote. Councilman Tom Lathrop voted no.

Following the vote, Councilman Pat Migliaccio said, “I think we need competition.”

Lathrop agreed.

“We most certainly do,” Lathrop said.

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