Redevelopment authorities separate

A mutual services agreement between the Erie County and Corry redevelopment authorities was not renewed and the two entities, which entered into the temporary relationship in 2016, will operate independently from each other.

After several recent meetings between the chairs and vice chairs of both authorities, the Erie County Redevelopment Authority voted not to renew the Professional Service Agreement with the Corry Redevelopment Authority, according to a joint press release that was issued by both parties.

This means Rick Novotny, who served as executive director of the Corry Redevelopment Authority and Erie County Redevelopment Authority, will now focus all of his time in Corry. Although Novotny has now relinquished his position with the Erie County RDA, he confirmed this is not a negative development as Novotny, with all the new initiatives and projects taking place in Corry, needs to focus his attention locally. 

"I'm so very happy to be focusing 100 percent of my time on these Corry projects and the Corry community," Novotny said. "I feel the excitement of Impact Corry and other projects and want to do all I can to make Corry be the best place for our children to want to stay and raise their families."

Corry has several projects underway including the hiring of a Community Development Director under a newly aligned Impact Corry board that aims to make ongoing community improvements and will also support the implementation of a Blue Zones Project; a Greenways Park Project; and other industrial development efforts. 

Tammy Stoddard, who served as a controller for the Erie County RDA and Corry RDA, will also be full time in Corry and Corry projects, and will relinquish her title with Erie County. 

Edward DiMattio, project manager; Katrina Vincent, director of real estate; and Karen Spilko, administrative assistant; will become employees of the Erie County RDA or another entity they choose to affiliate with. 

Other local Corry staff will remain employees of the Corry RDA.

To ensure an orderly transition, the Corry RDA will continue to provide professional services until the end of 2019. 

The former partnership began three years ago in an effort to stabilize the DevelopErie entities that remained after the bankruptcy of the Greater Erie Industrial Development Corp. The relationship allowed both authorities to share personnel, equipment and growth, according to the release.

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