Through her new business, Kelli Brigham hopes to bring a new perspective.

The Corry resident recently opened Key Pointe Realty, 13125 Route 6, a dream that began for Brigham while working as a real estate agent in Florida.

“I think I can make a difference in people’s lives,” said Brigham, who is now a licensed broker. “I do things a little different.”

Brigham moved south with her family more than 10 years ago, and it was during those years that she began selling properties.

After gaining a wide variety of knowledge and experience, Brigham said she decided it was time to move home.

“I have come back the same person, but a changed person,” Brigham said. “I have big-city experience and I think I can bring a lot to the community. That is something I look forward to.”

From marketing knowledge to customer service to helping clients find an affordable home, Brigham is confident in her profession.

She will also draw on her knowledge from having a personal real estate coach for 18 months during her stay in Florida.

“That was the biggest growing experience of my life,” she said. “I was coached on customer referrals, marketing, follow-up and education on a personal level.”

Brigham also learned that it’s important to never turn anyone away, and that’s the philosophy she intends to follow at her own business.

“We will work with everyone,” she said.

Key Pointe Realty will have a wide variety of listings and showings, from homes to commercial properties to vacant land.

Brigham is also looking to develop a few pieces of land to build affordable housing.

She feels their Corry location is ideal, being located on a major highway between two populated cities.

“It’s really a unique situation,” Brigham said. “We are poised to sell properties between Erie and Warren counties.”

For now, Brigham has one real estate agent working for her. Phyllis Maloney, who has years of selling experience, recently joined the new business.

The two work out of the newly renovated Route 6 space, which is decorated with several types of metal keys.

“Isn’t the whole point of this business to get your new key?” said Brigham, who also collects keys as a hobby.

And the phrase “Key Pointe” is a term she often uses when showing or listing homes.

“It’s also a name that my dad and I worked on,” Brigham said.

Brigham’s father, the late Bruce Johnson, and his wife, Toni, moved from Florida to Corry at the same time Brigham and her husband, Mike, returned home.

They, along with the Brigham’s children, have been a source of support in helping Kelli Brigham open her new business.

“A door was opened and I was brave enough to walk through it,” she said.

The hometown agent plans to celebrate with a benefit grand opening in the spring. In addition to inviting the community to visit Kelli Brigham’s business, she hopes to raise money for a local nonprofit agency.

For more information about the real estate business, to search listings or to view featured properties, visit

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