Corry Area School District News

Corry Area School Board members authorized a list of personnel items during their most recent meeting on Monday night. 

The appointment of Amanda Mitchell as pandemic coordinator, effective Oct. 11, 2021, at a pay rate of $17 per hour, was approved. 

Andrea Simpson resigned as a secondary special education teacher effective Oct. 29, 2021. 

The resignation of Sierra Allen as a Title I reading specialist, effective Oct. 29, 2021, was accepted. 

Mary Matteson resigned as a grade I cafeteria employee effective Sept. 10, 2021. 

The resignation of Valerie Toplovich as middle school English and language arts coordinator, which is a supplemental position for grades six through eight, was accepted effective immediately. 

The appointment of Sara Harrington as a grade II paraprofessional at a pay rate of $14.33 per hour (step 1), effective Sept. 20, 2021, was approved. 

Amanda L. Knepp was approved as long-term substitute secondary art teacher, beginning Oct. 8 through Dec. 14, 2021, (anticipated 45 days) at a pro-rated bachelor's step I salary of $45,220. 

A request for a leave of absence from elementary teacher Kristen Covell, effective Jan. 3 through April 1, 2022, (anticipated 63 days) was approved. 

A request for a leave of absence from grade III secretary Tonja Schrecengost, beginning Oct. 18 through Dec. 31, 2021, (anticipated 50 days) was approved. 

The following LEGO League coaches were approved for the 2021-22 season at a supplemental salary of $600: Keith Anthony, Steven Griffis and Erica DiLuzio. 

Jeff Goodwill was approved as a media/marketing assistant coordinator at a supplemental salary of $1,022 (step 1). 

The board approved Erica DiLuzio as the middle school English and language arts for grades six through eight at a supplemental salary of $950. 

Veronica Theuret was authorized as a bus driver for the 2021-22 school year employed by D & R Transportation. 

Daniel Chelton was approved as a category I volunteer for marching band and Brad Allen was approved as a category I volunteer for wrestling. 

Additions of Brooke Mather and Mary Matteson to the service personnel substitute list for the 2021-22 school year were approved. 

CASD Superintendent Sheri Yetzer congratulated two high school student athletes, Maxx Rimdzius and Nate James, on qualifying for the PIAA state golf tournament at the Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York on Monday, Oct. 18. 

"We wish them well. That's quite an accomplishment," Yetzer said. 

School board members in attendance at the meeting were Dr. Doris Gernovich, Joel Cook, Jason Halfast, Bill Nichols, Deborah Wood, Amy Allen and Amanda Cox. Joe Frisina and Jon Maker were absent. 

The next board meeting will be on Monday, Oct. 25, at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria of Corry Area Middle-High School, 540 E. Pleasant St. 

Board meetings are open to the public. Masks and social distancing are required. 

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