Paying bills

The mailing address to send payments for water accounts in Corry has changed.

The most recent water bills sent out included an insert telling customers to expect a change to the address where payments should be sent.

Bills are to be addressed to Corry Water, P.O. Box 6268, Hermitage, PA 16148-0923.

Bill processing and payments are no longer being handled by a city employee, City Manager Jason Biondi said.

The city uses First National Bank for its water accounts and the city is taking advantage of a credit program to have bill processing and payments done by the bank at no cost, he said.

"Our bank will do it based on the funds we have in the bank," Biondi said, and further explained the bank will give credits and those can be used toward internal services. 

Since the city is using the credits earned toward bill processing, no money is spent for the service.

WIth a change in the water clerk position from full time to part time, the job duties are changing including payment processing, Biondi said.

Biondi said, the saving in wages from the full-time to part-time position is $16,652, which is going to be put toward an additional CorryPublic Works Department full-time laborer role, which is yet to be approved by Council. 

The change was discussed during a Feb. 4 executive session and a vote will happen during a hiring process. 

Taking advantage of the credits for this service makes sense for the city, he said.

The new address is located in Hermitage, Pa., which is the branch of First National Bank that handles this service, Biondi said.

The city receives a daily report from the bank for all the deposits into the system and a record of everybody that has paid, he said.

The insert included in this month's water bill states checks and bill stubs are to be mailed using the enclosed envelope, but if payments are made through online banking, the mailing address will need to be changed. 

The insert goes on to say customers can sign up for auto pay to have monthly payments automatically drafted from a bank account. There is an auto pay application on the back side of the insert.

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