The Corry community saw its share of tough times during 2009.

Some are happy the new year is finally here, while others feel events from the past 12 months set the groundwork for more good things to come in 2010.

But whether it was good or bad, changes to our small city and towns effect all of us in different ways.

“I think 2009 was a good time to take a pause and regroup,” said Jane Roche, co-owner of Whistle Stop Antiques and a volunteer for the United Fund of Corry. “It had it’s good points and bad points.”

Among the good, Roche says, are the changes that have taken place to the city’s downtown.

“A lot of things have really come together there as far as the improvements and the new businesses opening,” Roche said. “I’ve heard a lot of things about that.”

Also, Roche is impressed by what the Corry Area Chamber of Commerce has accomplished.

“The chamber has done a wonderful job this year promoting and organizing events,” she said.

And as far as 2010 is concerned, Roche hopes to see Corry move forward with its positive trend.

“I certainly would like to see things continue. I think we are on a really good course,” she said. “We have the 2020 visioning process starting and I hope to see some good things come out of that.”

One resident who couldn’t be happier 2010 is finally here is Corry Mayor Scott Sanford.

“I’m ready to throw 2009 under the bus,” Sanford said. “The new year couldn’t get here fast enough.”

Job loss was one of the biggest blows the community suffered last year, which was hard for Sanford to swallow.

“A bunch of jobs are gone and that really had an impact in our community,” Sanford said. “But in spite of that, I feel Corry has still done OK.”

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