Erin Passinger

A group of Corry residents are collaborating to apply for HGTV's "Home Town Takeover." Erin Passinger, Corry Redevelopment Authority project administrator, is among the residents who volunteered to speak on an application video being created by Donnie Rosie of Rosie Marketing LLC.


A group of Corry residents is collaborating to submit a video application for HGTV's series "Home Town Takeover," which features a makeover of a selected town.

Towns with populations less than 40,000 have been invited to submit a video to have Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV's "Home Town Takeover" to rehabilitate and revitalize Corry's homes and public spaces.

HGTV's video submission website,, states the video should include places in town that need a makeover, a tour of the town and people who love the town and are willing to talk about it.

Corry resident Chelsea Oliver, co-founder of Corry Young Professionals Network (CYPN), met with resident volunteers on Monday to start organizing the submission project.

Oliver said her part has been gathering volunteers as well as writing the script for the video. 

"It's a collaborative effort of different residents with a passion to bring this opportunity to Corry," Oliver said. 

The Feb. 7 deadline is quickly approaching and volunteers are working to bring the video submission together.

Seventeen-year Corry resident Erin Passinger, Corry Redevelopment Authority project administrator, said she was approached by Oliver to help with research of current programs improving Corry and to speak in the video.

"We have put together a committee to spearhead this project," Passinger said. "We're trying to put together a five-minute video as our submission to HGTV."

Passinger said while participants are trying to keep the video's information on Corry generalized, they want to show that Corry organizations are also working to actively improve the town.

"I feel like it lends itself better if they see Corry people are actually trying to do good things for their community," Passinger said.

Donnie Rosie, of Rosie Marketing LLC and Miracle Mountain Ranch, has donated his time, crew and video equipment to the making of the video submission. He and his crew were set up in Impact Corry offices, whose space was donated for the effort on Wednesday, to record resident interviews.

"Supporting efforts like this is what Impact Corry is all about," Impact Corry Community Development Director Chuck Gray said.

Rosie's crew was made up of two staff members and three students. 

Rosie said this project could not only benefit the community but also gives the students an opportunity to learn.

"I love Corry," Rosie said. "It's one of those opportunities that is hard to say no to because if a national organization would step in and help Corry, that's going to help all of us."

Born and raised Corry resident Tom VanTassel, chairman of Corry Tree Committee and Corry R.A.I.L.S. said he was also approached by Oliver to speak in the video.

"It's part of growing Corry," VanTassel said. "What excites me the most are the people who aren't the Corryites, the people who weren't born here but came in, are excited, are working on stuff and making things happen."

Melissa Martin, Howard Hanna realtor and member of CYPN, said she has lived in Corry since she was two years old. She is donating time to set up Corry homes for pictures and videos.

"We have so many houses that would be beautiful to fix up," Martin said. "I'm a realtor so I've walked through a lot of them and there is so much potential to beautify."

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