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Police are asking the public for any information regarding the theft of an all-terrain vehicle from a business on Route 6 earlier this week. 

The ATV was stolen from Leisure Time Powersports, 729 E. Columbus Ave., Corry, late Monday night and the vehicle was found abandoned on a nearby dirt road the following morning. 

The city of Corry Police Department received a complaint of an abandoned ATV parked in the middle of Russell Road inside city limits at about 6:23 a.m. on Tuesday. 

Once on location, officers found a red 1998 Honda Recon ATV sitting in the roadway. Police said the ATV was unregistered and Leroy's Towing was called to the scene to removed the four wheeler from the road. 

The ATV was taking to Corry City Police's garage for processing and Corry City Police Lt. Gary Hunt was slated to dust it for fingerprints. The vehicle will be returned to Leisure Time once processing is complete. 

The ATV was recovered by police before it was reported stolen from Leisure Time at about 10:15 a.m. Tuesday. 

"We recovered it before it was reported stolen, but we assumed it was from there because after they found it they went down and took a look at Leisure Time and saw a cut cable," Corry City Police Chief Rich Shopene said. 

According to surveillance video provided by Leisure Time, the theft occurred between 11:02 and 11:17 p.m. on Monday. The video showed a tall, thin, white male wearing a T-shirt and shorts while he was committing the theft. A picture of the thief was not available for publication. 

The ATV was tied up outside the business using a security cable and police said it appears the perpetrator used some type of cutters to sever the cable. 

Police aren't sure how the thief started the ATV, but know the male started it and drove it from the scene. 

Shopene said investigators believe the ATV was abandoned on Russell Road because it ran out of gas and there was no damage done to the vehicle.

The incident is still under investigation and Corry City Police are asking anyone with further information to contact the department at 814-664-2222.

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