The state Department of Revenue followed suit with the IRS on March 21 by extending the deadline for filing income taxes. The extension came following President Trump's national emergency declaration on March 13, and Pennsylvania law requires its tax filing deadline to be aligned with the federal due date.

The declaration was made to unlock billions of dollars needed to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Federal income tax returns and state personal income tax returns, ordinarily due to be filed on April 15 every year, are now due on July 15, an additional 90 days. Those owing payments on their returns also have until July 15 to get those in, with no penalties or interest.  

For city of Corry property taxes however, it's a different story.

Currently, the city has not indicated there will be any extension to the due date for taxes. 

City manager Jason Biondi said the deferment of taxes paid to the city would impact the city's budget significantly.

"It's a revenue stream that the city needs in order to operate," Biondi said. "We'd have to look at all the services the city provides, see if we would have enough reserves to get by on. There would be some pretty big decisions to make."

Property tax bills went out March 1. Payments made now until April 30 are at the discounted value stage. From May 1 to June 30, taxpayers must pay the face value of their tax bill. From July 1 to to Dec. 31, unpaid taxes are in the penalty phase.

Biondi reminded residents that during the mandated closure of the city building, residents can put their taxes in the mail and send to the city treasurer at 100 S. Center St., or put them through the mail slot of the city building's door. Taxpayers should pay by check or money order and be sure to indicate on their check what the payment is for - 2019 taxes.

Biondi said although a number of employees are working from home, or on rotating shifts or performing different tasks as needed, they still are working. Salaries and other expenses still exist for the city.

"This is a very fluid situation," Biondi said. "Things are changing day by day and hour by hour. We'll be continuously re-evaluating what services we can and can't provide and watching the situation as it unfolds.

"We may think making changes right now isn't necessary, but tomorrow it might be, if things escalate."

The other taxing entities for Corry residents are Erie County and Corry Area School District.

Tax bills from the school district were due at the end of December 2019 and this year’s will be sent in July. The window for discounted payments is from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30, with the face value due between Oct. 1 to Nov. 30, and payments made from Dec. 1 to 31 will be in the penalty stage. 




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