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CONCORD TOWNSHIP — Since 2002, property taxes in Concord Township have been assessed at the same rate of .206 mills. 

This will continue in 2018, as township supervisors have drafted a proposed budget with no tax increase.

With the tax assessment, a property owner with a house valued at $100,000 would have a tax bill of $20.60. 

Residents can estimate their upcoming tax bill by multiplying their home’s assessed value by 0.000206. 

In 2017, Concord Township had the lowest property tax assessment of any municipality in Erie County. 

The proposed budget also lists revenue at $306,083 and expenses at $305,834. 

Township supervisors are predicting $134,342 in tax revenue for 2018. This includes property tax and earned income tax revenue.

Concord Township will also see an increase in state liquid fuels funding for next year. The township will receive $91,070, which is about $4,500 more than they received in 2017. 

Liquid fuels funding is used by the township to pay for road reconstruction projects, and salt and antiskid for the winter. 

Revenue line items also include $1,640 in interest, rents and royalties; $59,661 in intergovernmental revenue; and $16,920 in other financing sources. 

Expense line items under the proposed budget include $109,512 for general government; $28,600 for public safety; $149,322 for highways, roads and streets; and $18,400 for culture and recreation.

Concord Township’s three supervisors, Don Vance, Garry Blakeslee and Randy McCray, will take a final vote on the proposed budget on Monday, Dec. 18, at 9 a.m. 

The meeting will be held at the Concord Township Municipal Building at 12677 Ormsbee Road, Concord Township. 

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