The former director of the Corry Career and Technical Center voluntarily walked away from the district over the summer with a $50,000 settlement.

Judy Sharer received the settlement from the district after she was demoted from her position and offered another position, which she rejected.

“I was not happy with the director of the CTC,” Dougherty said. “Therefore, Judy was demoted and offered a position that was not director of the CTC.”

As director of the CTC, Sharer’s salary was $82,574.80.

Sharer was employed under Act 93, in which personnel are certified adminstrative employees who require certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Act 93 administrators are employed year by year. Sharer’s agreement with the district was effective from July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009.

Corry Area School District Superintendent Brian Dougherty is now serving as the CTC director, which is undergoing reorganization.

“As we began reorganization with the CTC, we offered (Sharer) a different postion in the district as a grant writer,” Dougherty said. “She turned that (offer) down.”

The grant writer position paid less than the position of CTC director, Dougherty said.

Assistant Superintendent Rick Emerick then worked with the school district’s solicitor, Rich Perhacs of Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, PC law firm, and Sharer’s attorney.

“She (Sharer) made an offer,” Dougherty said. “There was an offer made to our attorney for her to leave.”

Emerick would not disclose details of the offer due to confidentiality reasons.

“The school board, through the district’s attorney, reached an agreement in which Mrs. Sharer voluntarily resigned from the district,” Emerick said.

See the Journal's Friday, October 2nd edition for full story.

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