SPARTANSBURG — Wilma Dean sat by the bridge at Clear Lake in Spartansburg picking off truckloads of twisted roots and mud.

Her husband, Dick Dean — a member of Spartansburg Borough Council — and a handful of volunteers labored to break up one of the floating islands that choked the area just in front of the mill bridge and dam wall.

The work began on Sunday at 9 a.m. A dozen volunteers took part in canoeing to various points on the island and hooking into it, dragging it piece by piece to the shore. Workers were vigilant in keeping heavy equipment away from the water in order to protect the lake’s ecosystem.

After 10 hours, volunteers called it a day; nearly 50 truckloads of earth were moved to the shore.

The group got back at it Monday afternoon.

“Two people asked me how we are going to pay for this,” Dick Dean said. “It’s hard to say since we have no fund for this kind of thing. It was nice of them to say they wanted to donate to help defray the cost.”

The remainder of the islands is expected to be removed within a day or two. Still, the cost of running the trucks for removal will make an impact on the borough’s budget.

Borough Council will meet today to discuss its options in financing the cleanup.

The two small islands broke loose from a larger mass in the lake last week following periods of heavy rain. The islands floated in the current toward the dam at the south end of the lake, which empties into the east branch of Oil Creek.  

Anyone interested in donating to assist in cleanup efforts can mail a check to Spartansburg Borough. On the memo line write “Pond Restoration.”

Donations can be mailed to Spartansburg Borough Office, PO Box 222, Spartansburg, PA 16434.

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