A state aviation grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will literally help clear the way at Corry-Lawrence Airport for a future project.

Corry-Lawrence Airport will receive $121,875 in funds. The funding is part of $6.5 million that was awarded to 10 airports statewide.

Gov. Ed Rendell announced the funding on Friday. The state’s portion of funding — $364,917 from PennDOT’s aviation development program — comes from the state’s jet fuel tax and leverages $159,654 in local matching funds.

Corry City Administrator Gerry Dahl said the grant funds will be used for runway obstruction removal, such as trees and other brush and vegetation that extend into the approach surface on the glide path.

“These funds are to trim or remove trees that have been determined to be a problem,” Dahl said.

Dahl said the entire project cost $125,000. Of that, $118,750 is from federal funds and $3,125 is from state funds. The state funding is matched by $3,125 in local funds.

The project includes an engineering study, an environmental study, and the cost to cut and remove the trees and shrubs.

Now that the funding has been approved, members of the Corry-Lawrence Airport Authority will proceed with project plans at their future meetings.

Removing obstructions from the runway will also enable the authority to continue with another project concerning new equipment.

The authority would like to have generic visual glide indicators (GVGI) installed.

GVGIs help a pilot who is approaching the runway.

“They indicate to the pilot when they are on the proper approach at the correct angle,” Dahl said.

If a pilot is at the correct approach, the visual indicator will show green. If a pilot is not on the correct angle, the visual indicator will be red, according to Dahl.

The cost of the project is $170,000, which includes the design and the installation.

The authority is seeking a grant from the Bureau of Aviation, as part of the authority’s comprehensive plan for the GVGI project.

See the Journal's Monday, September 28th edition for full story.

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