Corry Area School District News

Two bids for the purchase of the former Spartansburg Elementary School were opened Monday night during a Corry Area School Board meeting.

The first was submitted by Joseph Cunningham in the amount of $26,000. The second was submitted by Abigail Biebel in the amount of $90,100.

"Administration and legal will have to ensure the required documentation is submitted with the bid and it’sresponsive," said CASD solicitor Jennifer Gornall, a lawyer at Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C. in Erie, after bids were read.

If board members determine that it is in the district's best interest to award a contract, the chosen bid will be awarded at a public meeting on Tuesday, April 23, at 7 p.m. in the large-group instruction room.

Paperwork read aloud did not include the purpose for each bidder's use of the building.

The 24,795-square-foot facility is located at 150 Water St., Spartansburg, and was most recently  utilized by Perseus House, Andromeda House and alternative education, all of which have vacated the premises. The building has remained empty since Jan. 1.

The facility, which was built in 1984, ceased operations as an elementary school at the end of the 2013-14 school year after CASD adopted a consolidation plan of all five of its elementary buildings.

Bids to provide custodial supplies to CASD were also opened Monday night, with a total of seven submitted for consideration.

Because of the extensive list of supplies the district requires and with bidding companies not able to provide all said supplies, bids ranged from $5,706.75 to $38,232.02.

"We bid out several things including cleaners — which is everything from carpet shampoo to window cleaner — Kleenex, paper towels and toilet paper," said CASD Business Manager Brenda Clabbatz. "Some companies do not bid on all the items listed and they are picking and choosing what they can bid on. So, we need to go through each bid, line by line, and see what the lowest price is."

Clabbatz said the district may decide to purchase items from five different companies if needed to get the best price.

The amount of the bids and who they were submitted by are:

• All American Poly in the amount of $8,570.40

• DeSantis Solutions in the amount of $23,243.57

• Central Poly Bag Corp. in the amount of $11,120.30

• Sanford Co. in the amount of $38,232.02

• Janitors Supply Co. in the amount of $10,444.80

• Harn Paper Co. in the amount of $5,706.75

All bids are being reviewed and contracts will be awarded during the Tuesday, April 23, meeting, the same day a contract for the purchase of the former Spartansburg Elementary School is expected to be awarded. 



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