A runway and taxiway repair project took place at the Corry-Lawrence Airport, 800 Spring St., during the last two weeks of May.

The project to seal and re-mark the airfield fixed enlarged expansion joints, sealed cracks and removed and replaced faded paint markings on the runway.

When Dustin Camise, inspector and construction management team lead for Gai Consultants from DuBois, arrived at the airport on the first day of construction, he realized crews would need to use more asphalt for the paving than was planned.

Dick Hornick, chairman of the Corry-Lawrence Airport Authority, told authority members at an airport authority meeting Wednesday that the inspector found more deterioration down the center of the runway, lengthwise, than originally perceived.

Camise said he got approval right away from PennDOT Bureau of Aviation to increase the quantity of paving materials to double what was originally planned. 

A phone meeting took place between Hornick, Camise, Gai Consultants Senior Engineering Manager Nick Barber and Axtell's Inc., the contractor for the project. Once PennDOT's Bureau of Aviations Regional Engineer Dave Parker was contacted for approval, it was granted within a half hour, Hornick said.

The original costs of the project were to be $99,088.50, but that was before the addition of the taxiway to the project as well as the costs for the additional asphalt.

With the addition of the taxiway, the project's estimated costs were about $162,000, according to Hornick.

Gai Consultants engineers have not finalized a price for all the additional materials and work that were added at the last moment, but a tentative estimate that was figured at the time of the addition was $50,000, Hornick said.

The total project costs could be around $212,000, but a final figure will be given when the engineer finalizes total costs, Hornick added.

While costs are only a guess at this point, Hornick did say that Gai Consultants did not increase its engineering costs.

According to the PennDOT grant agreement, a 5 percent match is to be paid by the Corry-Lawrence Airport Authority.

The costs will be covered from grants already received through federal and state funds and has been accounted for in the airport budget. 

Final costs will be released at a later date. 

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