UNION CITY — Two new police officers are expected to be in uniform and on duty in Union City sometime next week.

Union City Borough Council at a special meeting Tuesday approved the hiring of one full-time officer and one part-time officer.

Once the two candidates complete certification requirements of the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission, as expected, the borough will have three full-time officers, which includes Police Chief Kevin Jones, and three part-timers.

“This is a good thing,” Borough Manager Cheryl Capela said. “We’ve been short-handed this summer.”

The department lost full-time officer Jason Russell in late May, when he was hired as a full-timer with Corry City Police. A part-time officer also recently left the department.

George Barber of Erie has been hired as a full-time officer.

An experienced officer, Barber retired a few years ago from the Erie Bureau of Police after about 20 years of service, Jones said. He also taught music in Warren-area schools before becoming a police officer, Jones said.

“He was retired and was looking for something to do, preferably with a small-town police department,” Jones said.

Barber is in Harrisburg today taking his MPOETC certification test, Jones said. The police chief expects the borough to have the results in hand next week.

David Pernice was hired as a part-time police officer.

Pernice, of Erie, earned a degree in criminal justice from Edinboro University. He graduated from the Mercyhurst Regional Municipal Police Training Academy in July 2008.

See the Journal's Thursday, August 27th edition for full story.

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