Nicole Taydus, a senior at Corry Area High School, keeps plenty busy with extracurricular activities at school.

And, she is also active outside of school, where she is involved in her church and her family life.

You wouldn’t think Taydus could squeeze in one more activity, but she’s added another item to her resume.

She is the new student representative on the Corry Area School Board.

Taydus took a nonvoting seat on the board Feb. 15.

Being a student rep on the board is the responsibility of the president or vice president of the Student Council. Taydus, who is vice president of Student Council, filled in the seat on the board when the former Sudent Council president resigned that position.

Because Taydus took a seat on the board only about a month ago, she admits she is still in the learning stage.

“I didn’t actually know what to expect,” Taydus said. “I’d never been to a school board meeting before I was the student rep.”

Taydus is seated at the board table with elected school directors Peggy Gates, president; Roger Stranahan, vice president; and Deborah Wood, Christine Johnson, Mike Kondrlik, Doris Gernovich, Delbert Liller, John Gray, and Steve Redrup.

Although she is not allowed to vote on agenda items or motions, Taydus does have responsibilities in addition to attending the two public meetings held each month.

“I do a monthly student activity report,” Taydus said. “It’s not just for Student Council, but for all school and club activities.”

She is required to present a report in front of the board each month at the board’s regular meeting, which is held the second Monday of the month.

“I will report on student activities, upcoming events, and past events,” Taydus said.

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