City gathering estimates for feasibility study on city complexes

A conditional offer of employment to a candidate for city manager is expected to be made shortly following a vote Monday by Corry City Council.

Council went into a brief special meeting to vote on the offer. The candidate’s name was not released; however, council recently had interviewed a male believed to be the front-runner to replace former City Manager Greg Moyer, who resigned abruptly in June three months into his appointment.

“After going through some candidates again, we’ve decided on someone,” said Councilman Jason Monn, who ran Monday’s meeting in the absence of Mayor Pat Migliaccio.

Councilman Charlie Campbell cast the lone no vote on the offer.

“I don’t feel we’re ready to yet,” Campbell said. “I don’t think we’ve solved the issues we had to bring somebody else in and make him No. 2 to walk out.”

Those voting to approve the conditional offer of employment were Councilmen Monn, Steve Bresler and Alex Gernovich.

Monday’s special meeting, which lasted about two minutes, preceded council’s scheduled work session.

It’s unclear exactly when the offer of employment for city manager will be made, though Monn said it would happen “as soon as possible.”

It’s the second such offer to be made for a city manager this year; Moyer accepted the position in March following an exhaustive nationwide search to find a replacement for Gerry Dahl, who retired as longtime city administrator in December.

Moyer’s tenure, however, was brief and filled with tension behind the scenes. Moyer, who had been the city manager in Galena, Alaska, before coming to Corry, reportedly clashed with Migliaccio regarding the role of city manager and expressed a desire to leave only a month into the job.

Moyer was offered an interim city manager job in Bethel, Alaska, while he was still on the job here. He accepted the position the day after he announced his resignation.

City Treasurer Tom Winchell as been filling in as interim city manager as council conducted its search.

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