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ERIE — Spartansburg resident Amanda Cox is still waiting on a decision whether or not Erie County will pay some or all of her legal fees stemming from a mix-up in the November general election.

A civil hearing on the matter was held on Tuesday before retired District Judge Tom Robie who gave the county more time to negotiate partial reimbursement of Cox's legal fees. 

During the hearing, the judge gave county solicitor Thomas Talarico 30 days to negotiate with the county to partially pay back the money.

Talarico said he will attempt to negotiate with the Erie County Board of Elections for partial reimbursement, adding that some of the payments are unfair and that two-thirds of the fees were acquired after election day.

The county now has 30 days to try and negotiate a partial reimbursement of Cox's attorney fees before the matter goes back to court.

Cox is seeking almost $7,000 in repayment from the county after having to use her own money to be placed back on the November ballot in the race for a Corry Area School Board seat.

Cox had initially approached the Erie County Board of Elections for the repayment, but a county solicitor denied Cox's request. She subsequently filed the civil case in early April with Carney's office.

Due to what courthouse officials have previously called "a mix-up," Cox was mistakenly left off a list of school board candidates for the November 2015 election, even though she had won a spot after the May 2015 primary.

After obtaining legal counsel through Thomas Pendleton of MacDonald, Illig, Jones & Britton LLP of Erie, and filing a petition to be placed back on the ballot, an Erie judge ordered — just two days before the general election — that Cox's name be entered into the school board race.

Cox ended up winning one of five open seats on the board.


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