Coronavirus - social distancing

There is at least one confirmed case and one probable case of COVID-19 in Union City. 

On Friday afternoon the Pennsylvania Department of Health map that breaks down the state's confirmed cases by ZIP code revealed Union City (ZIP code 16438) has between one to four positive cases and one to four probable cases. 

The map, which can be found online at, shows Union City has a redacted number of positive cases, which means there is at least one positive case and less than five. 

The health department redacts the number of cases if it's less than five to protect the privacy of people who have contracted the novel coronavirus. 

Union City's ZIP code also has one to four probable cases, according to the map. There are 82 listed as "not a case" in the UC ZIP code. 

Union City's numbers will be updated if cases within the 16438 ZIP code ever exceeds four. 

Here are the statistics for the other ZIP codes in the Corry area as of this morning:

• Corry (16407): Redacted positive cases between 1-4, 0 probable, 114 not a case. 

• Columbus (16405): 0 positives, 0 probable, redacted not a case between 1-4.

• Spartansburg (16434): Redacted positive cases between 1-4, 0 probable, 18 not a case. 

• Spring Creek (16436): 0 positives, 0 probable, 5 not a case. 

• Wattsburg (16442): 0 positives, 0 probable, 33 not a case. 

• Waterford (16441): 6 positives, o probable, 95 not a case. 


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