Anthony R. Taglianetti II

Anthony R. Taglianetti II is led out of a Chautauqua County courtroom in 2012 after pleading not guilty to the murder of former Clymer Central School Superintendent Keith Reed Jr.

A man sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for killing Keith Reed Jr., a former Clymer Central School superintendent, is appealing his conviction.

A representative for Anthony R. Taglianetti II is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 18 to appeal Taglianetti's 2014 conviction of murder in the second degree, according to an online calendar for the New York State Fourth Department Appellate Court.

After a two-week trial in November of 2013, Chautauqua County Court jurors unanimously found Taglianetti guilty of shooting Reed three times on the night of Sept. 21, 2012.

Taglianetti, a resident of Woodbridge, Virginia, drove eight hours to confront Reed after he found out Reed had an affair with his wife, Mary Taglianetti, who testified that her husband discovered an email she sent to Reed that indicated a prior sexual relationship.

Cellphone records show Taglianetti, a former oral historian for the U.S. Marines, drove 350 miles in a jealous rage from his home to Clymer where he shot Reed once in the chest and twice in the back in the yard of Reed's home on Clymer-Sherman Road.

A Chautauqua County sheriff's deputy discovered Reed's body on Sept. 24, 2012, and Taglianetti was arrested in Virginia eight days after the shooting.  

The handgun used in the murder was found wrapped in a printout of the aforementioned email in a gun case under the driver's seat of Taglianetti's tan Buick sedan. During the murder trial, forensic experts testified that blood discovered in and around the gun's barrel was a match to Reed's.

Taglianetti was 43 years old when the jury found him guilty of killing the 51-year-old Reed. 

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