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Snowmobiles aren't permitted to travel along a road or street in Corry, unless it's marked for snowmobile use with a sign. They are however, permitted to travel straight across a road or street.
For snowmobilers to gain access to downtown Corry, a usage request must be approved by local government. 
A letter was submitted to Corry City Council from Tri-County Snowblazers Inc. President Jason Christianson to use Shady Avenue and Hatch Street for snowmobile use for the 2019-2020 winter season. The letter was received and usage was approved at Monday's meeting.
The usage approval included parts of Russell Road, added because past permission requests stated the inclusion of that usage as well.
Jon Andrus, a board member of the Tri-County Snowblazers, said the Snowblazers work with property owners to ensure their members stay off properties.
The Snowblazer put signs up prohibiting snowmobiles because some people were riding through yards, Andrus said. 
Those streets give snowmobilers access to the city of Corry and a legal way to ride into downtown areas, said Taree Hamilton, councilwoman and Snowblazer member.
"We don't have a marked trail into the city and those allow us to cut down and across our marked trails," Hamilton said. "It's the only way we can get down into the city."
When there is no snow in the roads, some snowmobilers ride in yards on those access roads and property owners have asked the Snowblazers to put up signs for safety reasons, Andrus said.
If homeowners request for the Snowblazers to put up a sign for them, they will, Andrus said.
The Snowblazers put in a request annually for permission to use the roads but in recent years, there has hardly been enough snow to use the trails and roads, Hamilton said. 
"This year they've been open two days," Andrus.
Hamilton said in past years she has seen signs on trails that go near houses that request snowmobilers to slow down after 9 p.m. to cut down on disturbance to homeowners.
"We just haven't had enough snow to have people even thinking about it anymore," Hamilton said.
Snowmobilers use Tri-County Snowblazers designated trails across private properties where owners have permitted use as well as parts of the Corry Junction Greenway Trail.

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