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CLYMER, N.Y. — A New York State District Report Card has deemed Clymer Central School in overall "Good Standing," the highest level a school can achieve.

The annual accountability and overview is an indicator of student performance and district responsibility, and is reflective of the 2014-15 school year.

To determine a school's grade, the report weighs profile information, along with state test scores, and compares that data with other New York state school districts.

The 2014-15 school year testing results are the third set of scores released since the Common Core State Standards Initiative was implemented.

The initiative — which is sponsored by the National Governors Association — seeks to establish consistent educational standards across the nation as well as ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter credit-bearing courses at two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce.

Copies of the report were distributed at Monday's school budget presentation.

Clymer's graduation rate for 2014-15 was 91 percent. There were 33 graduates with 29 (88 percent) of those students receiving a regents diploma. Of those 29, 13 (39 percent) earned a regents with an advanced designation. Four (12 percent) of the graduates earned a CTE endorsement and four (12 percent) earned a local diploma.

Under profile information, Clymer's total kindergarten through 12th-grade enrollment for the year was 434. Total number of teachers was 46.

Also included in the report was a fiscal accountability supplement that compared district spending from Clymer's 2014-15 school year with other districts in the state.

Under general education costs, Clymer spent $11,251 on instruction for each pupil, compared with $10,677 in a similar school district. The average cost for all public schools in the state is $11,739.

Clymer's special education costs were $27,782 for each pupil, compared with $30,207 in a similar school district. The average cost for all public schools in the state is $31,502.

Under total expenditures per pupil category, Clymer spent $22,749 per student, compared with $20,538 in a similar district. The average cost for all public schools in the state was $21,812.

Total expenses include district spending for classroom instruction, as well as expenditures for transportation, debt service, community service and districtwide administration that are not included in the instruction expenditure values for general education and special education.

As such, the sum of the general education and special education instructional expenditures does not equal total expenditures.


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