Corry Area School District News

A lengthy list of business and personnel items was approved Monday during a regular meeting of Corry Area School Board members.

The purchase, design and installation of bleachers for Corry Area Middle-High School's west gymnasium, also known as the "old gym," through a cooperative purchasing network, to be paid for through the Capital Reserve Fund at an approximate cost of $125,000 was approved.

The purchase, design and installation of wall padding for the middle-high school's east and west gyms through a cooperative purchasing network, to be paid for through the Capital Reserve Fund at an approximate cost of $20,000 was approved.

Board members approved authorization for the school district to go out for bids for an EFIS restoration project at the middle-high school building.

The board voted to give authorization for Brenda Clabbatz, CASD business manager, to sign insurance renewals with Rossbacher Insurance Group for the 2020-2021 fiscal year on behalf of CASD and its board of directors.

Amy Allen abstained from the vote since her husband works at Rossbacher.

A request from the Warren County Tax Claim to approve the sale of the property commonly known as and identified in the assessment records of Warren County as tax parcel No. CY-005-311630-000, located on Route 426 in Columbus Township, was approved.

The offer was made by Lonny T. Eastman, who owns adjoining property, for the sum of $905 and he plans to use the property for hunting. All bids received for properties listed on the Repository Sale must be approved by the taxing districts.

The board approved a resolution calling for charter school funding reform by a 7-1 vote. Amanda Cox was the "no" vote.

"I agree some funding reform needs to be made, but the intent of the resolution is too vague for me," Cox said as she cast her vote.

The resolution was sent to CASD from the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA), which is advocating for the state's General Assembly to revise existing charter school funding systems for regular and special education.

"It is asking districts in the state of Pennsylvania to sign this to support that reform," Clabbatz said. "Really what this does is just say that we support that funding reform for charter schools."

In personnel business, a leave of absence request from elementary teacher Amanda Dahlkemper beginning March 2 through June 5 was approved.

The resignation of Mark Brenner as assistant volleyball coach, effective Jan. 31, 2020, and the resignation of Gary Whiteley as assistant boys soccer coach (middle school), effective immediately, were accepted.

Kevin Williams was approved as a category I volunteer for girls softball for the 2019-2020 season.

The following list of teachers was approved for the after school Achievement Club from Feb. 10 through April 16: Diane Clark, Liz Anderson, Chad Sutton, Tina Flook, Amber Dunmire, Rebecca Donovan, Anna Landers, Kim Crum and Sara Aikens (Kelly Services Sub).

A field trip request for the varsity baseball team to take 15 students to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, from March 31 through April 5 under the supervision of Adam Brewer, Mike Soprano and Mike Lesher was approved.

A third-grade end of the year field trip to Peek 'n Peak in Clymer, New York, on June 1 under the supervision of third-grade teachers and staff was approved.

In addition to Cox and Allen, school board members who voted to approve the agenda items were Doris Gernovich, Joe Frisina, Joel Cook, Deborah Wood, Bill Nichols and Mandi Johnson.

Jon Maker was absent from the meeting.


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